Who I am

I am a german lawyer grown up and located in Berlin. I work with a wide range of German media companies and start-up enterprises. Therefore I support and consult clients on projects and any matters of legal protection connected with media and intellectual property law. I also take care of german employee law.

Mainly dealing with the safety and protection of intellectual property rights and data protection right, I focus on the following legal affairs:

My experience in lawsuits and court-proceedings especially connected with copyrights, civil rights and contract issues allows me to get the best possible results even in difficult cases.

I am a registered german lawyer and can represent clients in any court in the country (excluding the Federal Court of Justice –

Please take notice that according to german job regulations (you can find it here: every attorney who is legally registrated has a permission to litigate and conduct a trial at every law-court, except of the Federal-Court of Justice, in german Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), where a special-announcement is needed.